If you've come to this page from id3nt.i2p.xyz, then I sincerely apologize: due to events out of my control, the VPS that was hosting id3nt was deleted by my hosting provider. I have backups of the server and will restore id3nt.i2p.xyz as soon as the new VPS is set up. I am also looking into decent methods for multi-homing dynamic, user-generated websites in I2P.

This site is a central information hub for repository hosting services around I2P. I expect this page will be fancier later, but for now here's a good ol' list:

If you've come to this page from halp.i2p.xyz, this is just a temporary redirect; halp.i2p.xyz will eventually point to a central page explaining the Halp network and linking to all networked sites. For now, here are the links directly (NOTE: currently down for maintainence):

This page (and at present, all hosting mentioned on it) is maintained by str4d.